A look inside the huge 1&1 Kansas data center

InformationWeek has managed to get an inside look at 1&1’s Lenexa, Kansas data center, built inside a former storage facility. 1&1 is one of the largest hosting companies in the world (arguably the largest), and this data center certainly isn’t small.

The data center has five server rooms with a total of 860 racks and can handle at least 40,000 servers.

The cabling wouldn’t have made it into our ”When data center cabling becomes art” post, but it’s functional and gets the job done.

There is an entire picture slide show available over at InformationWeek. Each picture is accompanied by additional information about the data center. It’s very interesting stuff, so we really recommend that you check it out if you are curious about how data centers operate. 🙂

Found via Data Center Knowledge.


  1. I would like to use this picture in my classroom. Could I have permission to print 1 poster sized copy of this picture for internal use (no publication). If this is ok my next request would be a higher resolution picture so I could print it.

    Thank-you for your consideration.
    Mark Sunderlin
    Camelback Academy
    Glendale Arizona.

    1. @Mark: As you can see we’re not the original source of this image so we can’t help you with this, I’m afraid. Follow the links in the article.

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