Amazing solution to the iPhone 4 antenna problem


  1. Where do I buy this case?!
    The worst thing about carrying an iPhone is
    1. The gawkers… those clueless about the iPhone, asking, “Hey, is that one of those with the antenna problem?”
    2. Snarky Droid/Crackberry owners: “Hey, is that one of those with the antenna problem?”
    3. Jerks… “Look, he’s got one of them iPhones with the antenna problems. Hey! Can youse hear me now?!”

    With this disguise, you can use and enjoy your iPhone in peace.

  2. *yawn* my iphone 4 works great and I’ve never had an antenna problem. Seems like just a topic for everyone that dislikes apple so much to talk about. A friend with blackberry can reproduce the antenna issue as well. If you’re looking for a problem, you’ll always be able to find one.
    For 200$ each, my iphones have been the best phone I’ve ever had.
    2G, 3G and now the 4.
    Nothing else compares to the size and amount of phone they fit in it.

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