Another reason why it’s a good thing Flash is going away

Flash usage is declining, and to be perfectly honest, that isn’t a bad thing. At least not in the name of performance and responsiveness on our dear old World Wide Web.

We thought this chart was pretty telling, courtesy of HTTP Archive:

object response size

Ok, this was borderline mean, but it’s not OUR statistic. 😉

To clarify what the chart shows, it’s the average size per individual downloaded object when you view a web page, sorted by file type. I.e. Flash files tend to be big.

Flash had a place in the past, but it’s a remnant of a web that had much fewer options for dynamic content than what modern web standards allow today.

Data source: HTTP Archive, a project that analyzes thousands of web pages each month to get this statistic and more. It’s a great resource, so check it out if you like technical stats about web pages.


  1. When I get stuck at Copy to clipboard, cross browser compatible multimedia players, eye catching effects that can’t do with jquery or advertisements, I think that flash is great.

    Pretty much elsewhere, flash is making the overall page worse.

    And mow, page size.

  2. Like comparing a car with an engine to a wheelbarrow. I’m pretty certain the flash content does more than the jpg file….

    But like most, I detest flash. It’s blocked by default in my Firefox, since it is I who decides when my computer is allowed to make noise and hog cpu cycles, not some random website.

  3. ^ did not mean that sarcastically… they really did the industry justice, without them, flash would still be trying to get a foothold in mobile

    1.  @piccoloprincipeazzurro Minimizing the number of necessary HTTP requests to load a page is normally a good thing. We’re not arguing with that.

  4. Actually flash isnt going away, maybe from a web developer’s perspective but it will not go away, because u can create games and other neat 2d/3d animations on flash, CSS3 and HTML5 cant do it. Flash is useful for other application other than for website use. Flash is good for interactive presentations.. i mean Adobe Director and shockwave player still around. duh.

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