Awesome tech company office designs

Cool office designs

We all know Google has awesome office spaces, they’re well known for it and we’ve all seen the colorful pics, but the truth is that quite a few tech and web companies have taken the extra step and made their office environments pretty amazing places to work.

Here are a few examples…


Adobe’s office in Waltham, MA. Photos by Stephen Searer, Office Snapshots.

Adobe office Adobe office Adobe office


Skype’s London office, design and photos from Morgan Lovell.

Skype office Skype office Skype Office

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor’s Sydney office.

Campaign Monitor office Campaign Monitor office Campaign Monitor office


The 37signals office in Chicago.

37signals office 37signals office 37signals office


Ebay’s UK office, design and photos from Morgan Lovell.

eBay office eBay office eBay office eBay office eBay office


The Pionen underground data center in Stockholm. Probably the coolest data center ever.

Pionen office Pionen office


Etsy’s New York office (via Apartment Therapy). Design by the Hangar Design Group, photos by Ty Cole.

Etsy office Etsy office


Rackspace’s UK office, design and photos from Morgan Lovell.

Rackspace office Rackspace office Rackspace office

The joy of good design

Looking around, there are literally thousands of interior design pics available from offices around the world, but we hope we were able to highlight a few cool offices that usually don’t get as much attention as those from Google (and even Twitter and Facebook).

Why this sudden interest in interior design, you ask? Aside from having some true design geeks here at Pingdom, we will soon be moving into a much larger office (we’re in the process of hiring a lot more people, so we need the space). We’re working with a design firm to make that new office a study in awesomeness, easily cool enough to rival the ones you saw in this post.

So when we looked around for interesting office designs to be inspired by, we figured we might as well share some of what we found with you. We’re pretty excited about this, as you can imagine. 🙂


  1. Wow, these are awesome office spaces, wish my work office or home office for that matter looked like these. Still trying to declutter my home space and will use some of these as inspiration in a new design.

  2. Are these really good design? Sure, they are high on what I would call “style”, but do they help the people in them?

    The Etsy and Rackspace offices just look like another take on the “cube farm”. A nice looking cube farm, to be sure, but still one that doesn’t solve the design problems of noise and privacy.

    If you want an office that actually addresses these concerns, have you seen Fog Creek Software’s “Bionic Office”? (Google: fog creek bionic office) Now that is superb design.

    And it you want “stylish” too, you could always add some gingham curtains…

  3. Can someone tell me where I can find an employer that has table tennis (tables?) in their office. I’d resign today and jump at the chance to work in a place like that. Providing they need designers.

    I remember seeing the Zappos office in a blog post a while back, just as mad as the Etsy office, Great roundup!

  4. Wow! I wish I can work in these luxury offices. In Singapore, you will probably not able to enjoy these as every inch of space may be expensive as GOLD.

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