Backend developer Johan Sköld joins Pingdom’s growing team

Johan Sköld, backend developer at Pingdom

Today we’re very excited to welcome another backend developer to the Pingdom team. Johan Sköld comes from Västerås, Sweden, where the Pingdom HQ is located. With his experience in performance-focused programming and “just get it done” attitude, he will be a great addition to the Pingdom team.

Johan first got in touch with computers when he was in his first or second year in school. The school had PCs with Windows 3.1, but only one was connected to the Internet so it became quite popular, not just with Johan. It opened up a new world of possibilities, Johan said.

We fast forward a few years, and a friend of his had started programming, something that Johan also picked up because it seemed interesting. “I have always been interested in problem solving, and there’s lots of problem solving in programming,” Johan said.

Johan’s first real programming project was a program for his family’s home PC, which hid a folder and the files in it so the rest of the family couldn’t get access to them.

A continued interest in programming led Johan to studies in game programming. “You have to be very careful with what instructions you use,” he explained. This led to a keen interest in and dedication to performance and optimization.

Johan will now put that same dedication into his new role as backend developer at Pingdom. “I just want to get things done,” he added.

With that attitude, he’ll fit right in at Pingdom.

Is Pingdom a good match for you?

Pingdom is expanding fast and we’re still looking for many more super geeky, talented and fun people for our team.

If you like to be challenged to perform at a very high level, and work on products that affect real people all over the world on a daily basis, then Pingdom might be the perfect match for you.

We should also mention that you will have a choice of what crazy maxed out and packed computer you want to run – Linux, Mac, or Windows.

To find out more about the positions available, head over to our career site for all the details. It’s in Swedish as you might imagine.

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