Be first in line when Apple Store updates tomorrow

Tomorrow, on October 14, Apple will hold a press event where the “spotlight turns to notebooks.” As usual there have been lots of speculation and rumors about what new products Apple will be announcing, but we won’t list all the rumors here since they can be found elsewhere.

However, we thought this would be a good time to remind all Apple fans of our Apple Store status widgets that checks if the Apple Store is up or not. If Apple does what they usually do, they will take down the Apple Store for a while before opening it again updated with the new products.

There are two widgets, one you can include on your website and one you can run on your OS X desktop.

Display if Apple Store is up or down on your website

Using our uptime monitoring system we are constantly checking the status of Apple Store to see if it’s open or not. If you want to display this information to your website visitors why not add our small widget?

Read more on how to use it here: Show the Apple Store status on your website

Display if Apple Store is up or down on your desktop (OS X widget)

Instead of constantly reloading Apple Store in your browser to see when it’s back up with new products you can just get this information served to your desktop. All you have to do is install our Apple Store status widget.

Download and read more about it here: Apple Store status widget for Mac OS X

We’re looking forward to seeing what new inventions Apple is planning to introduce. Oh, and do we need to mention that the widget will be on our desktops so we know when Apple Store updates? (Well, those of us who have Macs 🙂 ).

UPDATE Oct 14:

We told you so! 😉

This is what the US Apple Store looks like right now:

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