lost its Ts

As of this writing, if you go to you will be greeted by a strange sight. All “t” letters have been removed from their text and source code. Not only does it make the text look funny but since the source code is also changed, no styles or scripts are working.

This is how the page currently looks, t-less:

The HTML code makes you understand why it looks a tad unstyled:

<ile>Cisco Sysems, Inc</ile>
<link rel="syleshee" ype="ex/css" href="/web/fw/c/home.min.css" />
<scrip ype="ex/javascrip" src="/web/fw/j/home.min.js"></scrip>

The “title” tag becomes a “ile” tag and stylesheet becomes “syleshee”. No wonder the browser has a hard time to understand the code.

And of course, i doesn’ exacly make he ex easier o undersa…

hanks o Jonahan for poining i ou 😉

UPDATE: Everything seems to be back at normal now. (Probably after some frantic scrambling by Cisco’s webmaster.) The problem seems to have lasted at least a couple of hours.

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