Close-ups that reveal the beauty of silicon chips and circuits

Symmetry and asymmetry, structure and detailed designs. Are we talking about art? In this case, no, we’re talking about silicon chips, integrated circuits and electronics. Look at these close-ups and macro shots, and you’ll see why sometimes they could just as well be considered art.


Courtesy of Vanda Malvig (PuffinArt).

Courtesy of Intel.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of Vern Hart.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Courtesy of IEEE. (This is the first commercial monolithic integrated circuit, 1961.)

Courtesy of Chris Owens.

Courtesy of Steve Knight.

Courtesy of sanofi2498 (J W).

Courtesy of Simon Taylor, (found here).

Courtesy of Dominik Friedrichs, (This is an x-ray pic, found here.)

Courtesy of Jess Jackson.

Courtesy of Lightsink.

Hope you enjoyed this little gallery. A big thank you to all the photographers for their great work and for letting us share it with you!

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