Cool customers arrive through .net

.net magazine had a special treat for all their subscribers in their 2007 summer issue: One free year of Pingdom uptime monitoring (normal price, $119.40). The .net subscribers had until the end of August to sign up on the special address provided on the flyer that came with the magazine. Now that the campaign is over, we can report that we got a good response and a lot of interesting new customers that took advantage of the .net magazine offer.

.net mag special subscription offer... Pingdom!
Above: The magazine and both sides of the flyer.

We will say this: .net magazine has a lot of really cool readers.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to Pingdom. From the feedback we have received from you so far we know that many of you will find our service very useful.

About .net mag

.net magazine is a leading web design and development magazine, also known under the name Practical Web Design in some parts of the world.

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