Custom status website for the web host Binero (and an Office Space homage)

Pingdom recently developed a custom status website for the Swedish web hosting company Binero.

It’s basically a WordPress plugin, fully skinnable, which shows the current status of all servers and services of the web hosting company, as well as the uptime history for all services. The different services are categorized and grouped, and tech support can post messages regarding on-going issues. And there is more, but we don’t want to turn this into an essay.

Web host status page

All monitoring is handled by Pingdom’s uptime monitoring service. The status website is hosted by Pingdom as well, so it will be available even if Binero’s regular website isn’t. (It is a common practice to have status pages externally hosted for this reason.)

We have plans to make a future version of this WordPress plugin available to all our customers.

You can see how Binero’s status page looks and works over at All text content is in Swedish, though.

Taking uptime seriously

The final push to introduce this status page came after Binero suffered from a string of server outages that got some big media attention here in Sweden.

By having this status website, Binero has positioned itself as a hosting company that is extremely open about its uptime and availability, and take it very seriously. This is of course something that we here at Pingdom fully agree with.

Office Space

On a side note, the guys at Binero are a pretty cool bunch. After the issues, they decided to get rid of the problematic server in question, Office Space style. They even made a film of it, which you can see at the bottom of this post.

If you haven’t seen Office Space (a cult classic from 1999), here is the original scene. Warning, extreme violence against a fax machine…

And here is Binero’s version. Warning, extreme violence against a server… 🙂

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