DNS attack slowed down hundreds of thousands of websites

A DDoS attack on the DNS servers of the domain registrar Network Solutions slowed down access to hundreds of thousands of websites during several hours last Friday (January 23).

Network solutions updated their blog with information about the problem:

There may be some latency on Network Solutions DNS Severs and some queries may be timing out. This may include instances when someone types a domain name into a browser and the website will temporarily not resolve. Network Solutions Operations is working on optimizing the DNS queries and investigating the issue.


There is a spike in DNS query volumes that is causing latency for the delay in web sites resolving. This is a result of a DDOS attack. We are taking measures to mitigate the attack and speed up queries.

This only shows how critical the DNS is to the proper functioning of websites. If your DNS servers are unavailable or slow, it will affect everyone trying to access your site. Your web servers may be up and running just fine, but if no one can look up your domain name, that won’t help.

Network Solutions is one of the largest domain registrars in the world, managing over 7.6 million domain names.

Via Data Center Knowledge.

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