Easter special: Pingdom 75% discount

With Easter comes sweets, and lots of them (at least here in Sweden!). This year we have something extra sweet for all you site owners who don’t have proper uptime monitoring set up for your website yet, something that might come in handy while you’re at home relaxing during Easter.

The above picture is a dead giveaway, isn’t it? 😉

You get 75% off if you sign up for a Pingdom account during Easter with this code: easter2009

You can click on the picture above to go directly to the signup page with the discount code already filled in. Or, if you want to learn more about Pingdom first, check out our website.

Tip: We recommend that you pick a yearly account since the discount applies to the first invoice. I.e. if you sign up for a monthly account you get 75% off on the first month, but if you sign up for a yearly account, you get 75% off on the first year.

The campaign lasts from now until April 20 (to cover Easter all over the world).

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. I’ve been a long time Pingdom customer going on a few years now, it’s nice to see Pingdom offer this great discount to bring in new customers. However I’d like to see a Pingdom adopt a customer loyalty program and offer these discounts to us, the long-term customer who is referring customers in.

    Just a suggestion, love the blog!

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