Firefox 4 zooms past 100 million downloads

Mozilla Firefox 4, 100 million downloads

We bet the team over at Mozilla is about to pop open a few bottles of bubbly. Why? Because Firefox 4 just sailed past 100 million downloads. The new browser version was released to the public on March 22.

Even for such a widely used software as a web browser, 100 million downloads in a month is quite an accomplishment.

Top regions and countries

Firefox has been localized to over 80 languages and is used all over the world. Still, it’s more successful in some places than others. Here is how the Firefox 4 downloads are spread out, by region:

  1. Europe – 38.1 million
  2. North America – 29.6 million
  3. Asia – 19.6 million
  4. South America – 7.4 million
  5. Africa – 3.0 million
  6. Oceania – 1.7 million

And the top 10 countries by downloads are…

  1. United States – 24.23 million
  2. Germany – 7.26 million
  3. France – 3.53 million
  4. India – 3.35 million
  5. Russia – 3.21 million
  6. Brazil – 3.20 million
  7. United Kingdom – 3.19 million
  8. Canada – 2.75 million
  9. Italy – 2.66 million
  10. Indonesia – 2.66 million

One small surprise is that there’s no China on the list, in spite of being the largest country on the Internet with its 420 million Internet users. Firefox 4 has so far been downloaded less than 700,000 times in China.

Final words

Daily downloads of Firefox 4 are hovering around two million at the moment, a level that has remained fairly stable after the initial burst the first couple of days after release. Very respectable, but we suspect that Mozilla will be pushing Firefox 4 even harder in the coming month to get more of its user base to upgrade.

There’s clearly plenty of life left in Mozilla’s open source web browser and the release of Firefox 4 has to be called a resounding success. With Firefox 4 now firmly in place, it will be interesting to see how the new rapid release schedule will be affecting Firefox (versions 5, 6 and 7 will all be released this year).

Data source: Mozilla’s excellent download stats page.


  1. We have a distinct version of Firefox for our community in China. This version is managed by our China subsidiary, Mozilla Online. Because it is not the same version as we offer to the rest of the world through, it doesn’t get aggregated into the Glow dashboard.

    As for the champagne, I think most everyone was too busy working on Firefox 5 and Firefox 6 to even notice the 100M mark and so we didn’t have any kind of formal celebration at all. Drinking opportunity missed 🙁

    1. @Asa: Thank you for chiming in. Interesting that there’s a separate version of Firefox for China. Are those download stats available somewhere else?

      Regarding the missed drinking opportunity, well, there’s always 200 million… 😉

  2. Hmmm. We never hear anything about download numbers for Chrome, I’m guessing because it just happens in the background and no one really notices it.
    It will definitely be interesting to see the browser situation in 12 months, seeing as Microsoft actually seem to be taking things seriously with IE9.
    (Long live Chrome :P)

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