Free Pingdom to .net magazine subscribers

.net magazine is offering all their subscribers one year of free uptime monitoring from Pingdom, worth $119.40. The offer is included in issue 166 (summer 2007) which should already have landed in your mailbox if you are a subscriber. Look at the insert included with the magazine to get information on how to claim your free Pingdom account.

.net mag special subscriber offer (Pingdom!)

.net magazine, called Practical Web Design in the US, is a leading magazine about web development and design. It is known for great hands-on tutorials, interviews with famous industry personalities, software reviews and design showcases.

We are of course very happy to see .net magazine choose Pingdom for their special subscriber offer this summer, a suitable match since it is something every webmaster can make good use of. What webmaster does not want to keep a close eye on the uptime of his/her website?

Pingdom has previously been featured in the magazine with an article called “The right marketing for your web service” in issue 164.

Congratulations, .net subscribers!

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