Friday Fun: 10 amazing, fun and annoying Flash animations

Although there’s been much talk about the demise of Flash lately – including right here on this blog – no one can deny that it’s brought us a wide assortment of strange and wonderful web animations through the years.

So today we’re kicking off a series of articles called Friday Fun, where we’ll try to bring you some of the more fun, weird, quirky and wacky corners of the web, and we start with Flash animations.

Sorry everyone, you will have to have Adobe Flash support for this one. But don’t worry, we won’t always do Flash for Friday Fun.

Drum Machine

This is a simple animation without any interaction at all but spend a little time with it and we think you’ll agree it’s rather captivating, especially if you like the beat of drums. We actually thought of ripping the audio out so we could have that on in the office while we work. Click here or on the picture to play it.

Hone Hone Clock

This is both creepy and mesmerizing at the same time. It’s basically a live clock where each number is depicted by a human-looking figure with a skull for a face and a small red flower by its left temple. Hover over the digits to see what happens. Click here or on the picture to play it.

Thank you

Want to say thank you to someone? This is by far the best way to do it and it has the added benefit of turning annoying after a little while. At first it’s cute and you laugh at it, then slowly you just want to smack Hoops & Yoyo. Click here or on the picture to play it.

Make sure you explore more of Hoops & Yoyo.

Salad Fingers

If you’ve not watched the Salad Fingers animations by David Firth your life is less full than it could be. Do you have a love for rusty spoons? Then these are made for you. Click here or on the picture below for the first episode and then you can explore the other ones. Beware though, Salad Fingers is just a little bit creepy.


This is a story of murder and revenge in old Japan. Irobe Yoshito’s father was murdered and he now seeks out to avenge his death. If you don’t like some blood and gore, be warned! Click here or on the picture to play it.

The last of the Dashkin

Adam Philips has arguably created some of the most beautiful Flash animations ever. We happen to especially like the Brackenwood series of which this animation is a part. Click here or on the picture to play it. If it doesn’t play okay in full screen, try this link.

There she is

Apparently the rabbit is having a birthday party and his (or her?) friend is trying to get there with a present but is having all sorts of problems. Watch it through to the end, it’s well worth it. Click here or on the picture to play it.

This is a Story About Two Guys and a Jigsaw Puzzle and Nothing More

Here’s one that you will probably recognize yourself in: two guys arguing over the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle. Watch it to see what happens. Click here or on the picture to play it.

num1000 512kb cache mix

Great music perfectly synchronized to the animation with some anime-inspired cat-people thrown in the mix: what more could you ask for? Click here or on the picture to play it.

Super Mario Bros: Game Over

And we left the pièce de résistance to the end, a story featuring the famous – or should that be the infamous – Super Mario Bros. It’s just one in a series of stories based on the video game. Click here or on the picture to play it.

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