Google introduces alternative to Yahoo’s YSlow page speed tool

Here’s some interesting news for all you webmasters and web developers out there. Google has just introduced a tool they call Page Speed that tests a web page based on a set of rules and best practices for fast-loading websites. It then gives you advice on what you can improve to make your website faster. It works as an add-on to Firefox and needs the Firebug extension to work.

This looks to be Google’s own version of Yahoo’s YSlow tool. YSlow is also an add-on to Firefox (with Firebug) that tests web pages based on a set of criteria for what makes a fast-loading website and gives advice accordingly.

Of course, having multiple options is never a bad thing. And by testing their websites with both Yahoo’s Yslow and Google’s Page Speed, perhaps web developers and webmasters may gain some additional perspectives.

Ironically, the guy who created the first version of YSlow at Yahoo, Steve Souders, now works at Google. We don’t know if he’s been involved in this project but he’s got a wealth of experience in website speed optimization, so hopefully they picked his brain a bit when designing Page Speed.

We had a Q&A with Steve Souders about website performance a while back on this very blog that you might want to check out.


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