Interactive timeline of all major Google Search updates since 1998


Underneath its simple exterior, the Google search algorithm is a complex beast that calculates rankings and returns results at lightening speeds. It has progressed from humble beginnings to something very sophisticated indeed.

As businesses, we hold our breath with every update and celebrate the success of uplift or pick up the pieces from a penalty. These updates commonly have names, which have become infamous recently – Panda or Penguin anyone?

How well do you know Dewey or Jagger though? Here is an interactive timeline (with a humorous edge) that details the entire catalog of Google search updates since its origin in 1998. Enjoy!

(If you don’t see an interactive timeline just below this text you may have to click through to read this article on our website)

[iframe src=”″ width=”580″ height=”650″]

This timeline was prepared exclusively for Pingdom by the SEO team at Extreme Creations.

Top picture by Ahmad Faizal Yahya /


  1. That is sincerely one of the best post i have gone through in the recent times. I have heard a bit about the Big Daddy and Buffy, but not much deep i had gone through about them. Now, it looks like i will go and dig the past.

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