Got an iPhone? Now you can use it with Pingdom!

We have released an iPhone application that can be used with the Pingdom uptime monitoring service. The aptly named Pingdom iPhone app lets you easily connect to Pingdom and view the current status of the monitoring you have set up.

This is a handy companion when you receive a problem alert from Pingdom, indicating an error with your website or servers. Just start the Pingdom iPhone app and examine the current status from your iPhone. You can also view both the overall uptime and response time of your checks for the last 30 days.

The application will let you customize which of your checks you wish to see and also lets you view more information about how each check is set up, in case you have forgotten exactly what is being monitored by it.

  • View the current status (up or down) of all your checks.
  • See the uptime and response time statistics for the last 30 days for each check.
  • Customize the list of shown checks.
  • Get information about each check, such as its monitoring resolution, check type (HTTP, Ping, DNS, SNMP, IMAP, POP, TCP port, etc) and target (IP address or URL).

It’s completely free, so if you have an iPhone and a Pingdom account, we recommend that you try it out! (App Store link at the bottom of this post.)

Here are some screenshots, so you get an idea of what it’s like. Note that you only need to login the first time. After that the application will remember your login information for you.

And as you can see to the left here below, it’s easy to get a quick overview of the current status of your checks:

The only requirement for the app to work is that you have a Pingdom account. If you’re not familiar with Pingdom, you can learn more our uptime monitoring service at, including signing up for an account (or a free trial).

We will be adding even more useful features to the Pingdom iPhone app over time.

We hope you’ll find this addition to our service useful!

Here is the link to the Pingdom iPhone app at the App Store.


  1. Thanks for the comments so far!

    @Piers: Not in the immediate future, though it’s quite possible down the line.

    @Ivan: Thanks! Regarding the icon, yeah, it could be better. We’ll most likely do something about that in a future version of the app. Thanks for the feedback.

    @Roger: We had a prelim version out about a week before we released this one. Could it be that you’re running that one? (It had a couple of crash issues.) Have you gone to the App Store and downloaded/updated to the latest version of the Pingdom app?

  2. You guys rock. I have used Pingdom for a while now, and I’ve never been disappointed with the service. It’s great to see it evolving so rapidly as well.

  3. The input keyboard on the login screen of the iPhone app lacks the ! (exclamation) key. This makes it impossible for me to log in since my password contains an exclamation. Please remedy. Thank you kindly.

  4. Had me all excited there guys but now I’m just disappointed. But it appears that your ears are open so I will offer my advice.

    Firstly, the email entry box brings up the URL input keyboard, there is one in the API for email entry which has the @ symbol on the first display.

    When I finally clicked sign in I received no prompt that it was signing me in, maybe a spinning wheel to indicate that the app has heard my request.

    Finally this app doesn’t actually do a lot, I already know when my sites are up or down because I have SMS alerts. It would be really smart if I could pull up graphs and further stats like I can on the website.

    Just my 2¢ 🙂

  5. @Alex: Thank you for the feedback, though we’re sorry to hear that you were disappointed. On a positive note, the things you mentioned are things that are set to be fixed. (Wait indicator and email entry keyboard.)

    We will keep improving the application and adding more features, so suggestions and comments are always welcome! Our ears are definitely open. 🙂

  6. Hey! Very nice. Downloading as we speak. Why do i have to hear the news on Twitter far too late 😉 Such good news need to be communicated to clients via an email newsletter or an alert on the account pages.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. @Stefan: Good point. We are the first to admit that we haven’t been sending out Pingdom newsletters as often as we should have, but we are about to mend our ways and resume that shortly. Expect useful info. 🙂

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