Great speakers at SIME 07

SIME, the Scandinavian Interactive Media Event, doesn’t take place until November, but some very interesting speakers have already been announced. The conference also has a seriously snazzy website this year.


The list of speakers is looking very promising, with even more to come later. These are the ones announced so far:

    • Niklas Zennström, founder of Kazaa, Skype and Joost, Sweden


    • Esther Dyson, EDventure, investor and author, USA


    • Annie Wegelius, Head of Programming, SVT, Sweden


    • Andreas Weigend, Ex chief scientist,, USA


    • Joi Ito, Neotny, Board member of Mozilla Firefox, Technorati and world-famous blogger, Japan


    • Christiane Zu Zalm, investor, previously head of MTV Germany, Germany


    • Danny Rimer, Index Ventures, the leading European VC firm, investors in Netvibes, Fon, Skype and many more, UK


    • Martin Varsavsky, Fon, Spain


    • Alexander Bard, pop star, philosopher and very controversial, Sweden


    • Marcel Reichart, CEO Burda Media, Germany


Needless to say, with speakers like these, we are really looking forward to SIME 07. For some of the people here at Pingdom this will be the third year in a row at this very giving conference.

The only bad thing about it is that we have to wait until November 14…

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