Happy Holidays, and Happy Downtime!

The team at Pingdom would like to wish you all Happy Holidays (and a less politically correct Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well!)

Happy Holidays from Pingdom

A list of advice…

If you and your colleagues plan on being away from the office like the rest of the population, but still have a service or site running online, here are some things to keep in mind.

    1. Print out a contact list with all key personnel and suppliers.
    2. Make an extra backup of all important data.
    3. Keep your cell phone with you so you can be reached in case of an emergency.
    4. Make sure you have someone on call in case of an emergency, if this is not your usual routine.
    5. Make sure that whoever is on call can remotely log in to your servers to be able to correct any problems that arise.
    6. Monitor your servers, website and other key services (email, DNS, etc), so you can receive alerts if there are any problems. Hopefully you use Pingdom for this. 😉
    7. If you have your own datacenter, make sure to double check (or better yet, triple check) that your backup power works in case there is a power failure. All those Christmas lights may take their toll on the power grid, you know…
    8. Remember to have FUN! It’s supposed to be a holiday, after all.


Follow this advice so you won’t have to choke on your Christmas dinner because your site has crashed (knock on wood), or come back to the office a week later only to find out that you have had several days of downtime.

Now off to enjoy the only downtime that we encourage: Time off!

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