Hilarious pro-IE6 comments

As you may have noticed, our April Fool’s joke this year was to take irony into overdrive and launch SaveIE6.com. There simply is no other browser that web developers love to complain more about than IE6, so turning the tables on them (no pun intended) and make a whole site dedicated to praising IE6 seemed like a fun idea.

Luckily for us, irony proved to be alive and well on the Internet. The site has been incredibly well received, and was one of the most retweeted links on Twitter yesterday. If you haven’t checked it out already, you might want to take a look!

The SaveIE6 petition page allows visitors to leave a comment together with their signature. As of this writing, almost 700 people have signed and commented, and many of the comments are quite frankly hilarious. Here are some of the best ones so far:

(All are explaining “why IE6 is a superior browser“. Irony alert…)


Those infidels will always tell you how their browser is superior to IE 6… but what browser did they use to download their inferior toy? That’s right, IE 6 is the foundation of all browsers.

Mumbo Jumbo:

Often I am amazed at the pure Salvador Dahli-esque features of IE6. For years I have been trying to achieve the random div placements in any other browser and failed miserably. It always displays exactly the way I want it! What is the point in that? Where is the randomness in the display that IE6 has offered us throughout the years? Bring back IE6 or I will have to go back to heavy drug abuse!


Without IE6 around, I’m left with useless skills like hacking max-height with expression() or applying sophisticated HTC filters. Nobody is going to hire me now that I can’t shine my shiny knowledge. Bring back the king of browsers!


ie6 can show me internets! really!

TJ Harrop , Tom Harrop, netlord:

Well it’s obvious surely. IE6 is clearly a step ahead. I miss typewriters too.

Daryn St. Pierre:

IE6 is the only website browser that should be around. I don’t know what all this buzz is about that Firefork website viewer thing, or that Oprah browser. I knew she did a talk show and all but web browsers? Get off my interwebs!

Choco Helado:

I have just two words for you: Proven. Technology. For god’s sake, IE6 has been around since 2001! It’s PERFECT by now!

Eric Lightbody:

I always love the surprise I get after designing a site and opening it up in IE6.

Tim, QueroMedia:

Just think about it: if everyone used IE6, no one would need to use hacks!

Matt, Pixelwork:

IE6 is Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. IE7 and IE8 are barely the Phantom Menace.IE6 is George Lucas at the top of his game – inventing a whole new web design language that web designers worldwide have missed spending hours and hours re-working their sites for.

Luke, Webjam:

There’s no way I’m signing your silly petition… D’oh!

Chuck Norris, Delta Force MMIX:

Chuck Norris roundhouse-kicked all bugs out of it and has given his fist of approval!


It makes my site look a Picasso painting! And who doesn’t love Picasso!???


Every development experience is a little like playing kings quest. You have to type just the right phrase the right way, but when you get it right, it’s super rewarding to see your work on the screen mostly the way you pictured it.

Dan Wood, WeGoWeGo Inc:

Doesn’t the blue ‘E’ stand for “Internet”?

Mike Metcalf, Cadence Design:

I just love the intense levels of excitement I feel when I go to test in IE6, you never know what you’re going to get! Not like all those boring predictable “modern” browsers they started releasing.

Sean Flanagan, Red Flannel:

Coding for IE6 is like batting against Randy Johnson except instead of balls he’s throwing javelins and instead of a bat you have a block of gorgonzola. It keeps you on your toes.

Larry David:

Its awesomitude. It fills me with awesomeness such that I just want to have my awesome button touched by its awesomeness. It’s like awesome + extreme = aweseme!

Freddie Laker, Sapient:

Really? Did they go back and change the Mona Lisa? Did they go back and change the Melting Clocks by Dali? When something is perfect – it needs no changes!

Rafael Savastano:

I’m only supporting this because there’s still no “Save Netscape 2.0” movement.


When will Microsoft finally come out with IE6 for iPhone so I can ditch this Mobile Safari crap?

Richard Shadrach:

Ever since the release of IE7 and Firefox 3, the economy has tanked. Coincidence? I think not.

Although, as with any attempt at humor, some people just won’t get it… 🙂

Name withheld out of kindness:

Are you people crazy?! IE6 is awful to develop with.

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