IDG collaborates with Pingdom for large-scale web hosting award

Working together with Pingdom, Swedish IDG magazine Internetworld performed an exhaustive test of 15 Swedish web hosting companies. The test is the basis for selecting the Swedish web hosting company of the year and is a highly popular recurring Internetworld event. The results are always widely discussed both inside the hosting industry as well as among consumers, and greatly benefits the winner in the form of added credibility.

Shot of the Swedish web hosting award in Internetworld

The people behind Pingdom have extensive experience of the web hosting industry, which is one reason why this year’s test became the most detailed and accurate Swedish web hosting test to date. It has received a very positive response from the Swedish web hosting community, and not just from the winning company.

Pingdom was able to provide IDG with a list of all web and email servers hosted by the selected companies, all of which were included in the test. More than 500 servers with 15 different web hosting providers were monitored over a period of several months. This was a major difference from previous years, when only one site on one server per hosting company had been monitored.

“Monitoring all hosting servers gives a much better picture of the overall quality of service, since the uptime and performance between individual servers at the same company can vary a lot,” says Sam Nurmi, CEO and founder of Pingdom.

Needless to say, tests such as these are great for consumers, but also for the web hosting companies themselves since they can see what areas they need to improve on.

Pingdom extends its congratulations to Space2U, this year’s winner of the award.

(Read the whole test at Internetworld (in Swedish).)

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