Incidents on the Internet – Weekly summary

This is the second week of our new, weekly recurring post about noteworthy incidents on the Internet. This includes for example general network issues, ISP problems and downtime for well-known websites. It may be things that have been detected by us here at Pingdom, or written about by others.

We are not going to be able to cover everything that happens out there, so if we omit anything that you feel is important, please feel free to add this information in the comments, preferably with a link to a source (such as a news article or service status page with relevant information).

Incidents between November 3 – November 9:
  • Apple MobileMe: On November 3, Apple’s MobilMe service suffered from problems related to the domain name. Accessing the service directly via the domain returned a 404 HTTP error, which caused problems for many of its users. Pingdom monitoring data could confirm the incident, which lasted for almost seven hours. TUAW also has additional information.
  • US presidential election: We figured we might as well add a positive note here, and that was that both John McCain’s and Barack Obama’s official campaign websites held up well during US election night, handling the increased traffic seemingly with ease. Both were obviously well prepared for traffic peaks. Some other sites were not doing so well, though.
  • BBC DDoS attack: The BBC website suffered from the effects of a DDoS attack that lasted the entire evening (European time, midday in the US) of November 6. The Inquirer has more information about the problem, and we have also added our own analysis based on our monitoring data of the BBC website.

That’s it for this week! If you see anything you would like us to include in next week’s summary, please send us a tip.

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