Incidents on the Internet – Weekly summary

This is a weekly recurring post about noteworthy incidents on the Internet. This includes for example general network issues, ISP problems and downtime for well-known websites. It may be things that have been detected by us here at Pingdom, or written about by others.

We are not going to be able to cover everything that happens out there, so if we omit anything that you feel is important, please feel free to add this information in the comments, preferably with a link to a source (such as a news article or service status page with relevant information).

Incidents between November 10 – November 16:
  • Massive Friendster downtime: Dwarfing all other incidents in scale this week, the social network Friendster (still one of the largest social networks and hugely popular in SE Asia, particularly the Philippines) was unavailable for a total of 23 hours in just three days. The problems started on Thursday, November 13, and lasted all through the weekend. The main culprit seems to have been an outage at Friendster’s hosting provider.
  • Twitter DNS trouble: The micro-blogging service Twitter, which has significantly improved its site availability in the second half of 2008, suffered an outage on Thursday, November 13 due to a DNS configuration error. It lasted just under an hour.
  • Two outages for LinkedIn: Yet another social network with downtime last week, LinkedIn had two separate outages, both lasting just over an hour. We wrote about LinkedIn’s uptime numbers earlier in October, discussing the significant amount of downtime the website has had this year.

That’s it for this week! If you see anything you would like us to include in next week’s summary, please send us a tip.

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