Instagram sharing on Twitter is blowing up

Instagram logoInstagram is one of those crazy success stories, an app and social network that has grown tremendously fast. If you’ve noticed an increase in Instagram pictures being shared to other social networks lately, you’re not imagining things. Sharing from Instagram to Twitter is now double what it was two months ago, and 20x what it was a year ago.

Sharing from Instagram is not just increasing because more people are downloading the app, the average user is also sharing more. This according to data from Distimo (in collaboration with Skylines for photo sharing data), who just released their latest app store market report. The report also included this very revealing chart:

instagram twitter shares
Note: The April numbers are based on the first 16 days, assuming similar numbers for the whole month.

The Android Effect

Part of the increase in April can be attributed to Instagram now being available on Android, having previously been iPhone-only. Sure enough, within days from its release, Android users had made Instagram number one in the social category (at least in all English-speaking countries).

That is not the whole story, though. If you look at the chart above, you’ll see that the trend was already there before the introduction of Instagram for Android. The extra users coming in from outside of iOS give an additional boost, but the numbers would have been impressive even without them.

Keep the magic going, please

Now that Facebook is buying Instagram, we sure hope they let the service keep doing its magic. Several of us here at Pingdom use Instagram, and really enjoy the app and the community around it.

Data source: Distimo.


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