Introducing BeepManager – your brand new alerting system

Incident management is a vital part of monitoring for everyone involved in creating great web services. To us, it’s important that a tool for incident management is cast in the same mold as all Pingdom products; Powerful yet easy to use.

Today, we’re thrilled to take Pingdom BeepManager out of beta, and bring you a new and better way to work with your incidents. Internet is a fragile thing and stuff will break, so having the right person getting the right alert in the right way is an important part in our commitment to make the web faster and more reliable.

From how you are alerted to the way you interact with issues through assigning or reassigning, and closing incidents – we built BeepManager to feel natural to the Pingdom experience you already know. There is a lot of features built in, such as alert policies, on-duty scheduling, maintenance scheduling, alert-flood protection, and integration with other monitoring solutions. We can’t wait to see what everyone will be doing with BeepManager.

When you open My Pingdom you’ll be met by a new look and feel more suited for monitoring and incident management. We have focused on creating a tool that is simple and easy to use. So regardless of who you are, your need for better and more accurate alerting is always our priority. Using BeepManager will ensure that you’re always the first to know of any issues with your website. BeepManager

Say hello to BeepManager

So what can you expect from BeepManager? We’ll take a more in-depth look at what you can do in upcoming blog posts. But for now here’s a taste:

  • Alert policies: Create custom alert policies for you and your team members, and make sure the right person get the right alert the right way.
  • Schedules: You’re now able to manage on-duty schedules, who will get what alert and when.
  • Maintenance: Your planned maintenance won’t disturb anyone with alerts in the middle of the night.
  • Integration: Use with your other monitoring solutions – from day one: Nagios, and we’ll keep adding to that.
  • Alert flood-protection: Pingdom bundle up multiple alerts triggered within a short period of time into one summary alert.

You can read more about BeepManager on our website.

A big thank you

During our beta period we received so much great and useful feedback from our customers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you. And please don’t hesitate to make your voice heard even now as we go live. Your feedback helps us make Pingdom even better.


  1. When I look at my contact now, it shows 3 IPHONE entries with no linkage information.  It appears that I cannot add an IPHONE as an alerting mechanism. 

    Has this upgrade removed our primary alerting system, our iPhone?  Or is there something I’m missing in the setup for alerting preferences.

  2. “Pingdom Alert: incident has been assigned” – useless subject line with zero information. Were these changes tested with a group of sample users before being put live? Does anyone test this stuff?

    Unwanted changes cluttering what was an otherwise simple service.

  3. I was a Beta tester, but the new design and maintenance schedule was not part of the test. I’ve tried to use it this morning and got so infuriated I have just given up. On the calendar, 2015 is marked as 2014 which doesn’t help matters but it’s just got so difficult to use now.

  4. All the changes really landed by surprise to me. I was not aware a new different version was coming out. It would have been good to have a period on which people could select between the old site and the new one, considering there were important changes made not just a GUI redesign. I tried out from Firefox and Chrome, the way the different sections of the GUI load needs some more work, instead of loading just a section it ends up loading all the page again. I really have the impression it was not well tested before the release.

  5. ohg41  I agree, far too many full page refreshes for what needs to be updated on-screen. It feels quite cumbersome. I like the iOS app but it lacks all the new features from what I can tell.

  6. I think absoluately horrible timing considering our sites have been having issues responding to heartbleed fixes.  Additionally I was part of beta testing as well, but the new UI wasn’t part of it.
    A) The new design is slow.
    I hate the icon showing page loads.  5+ seconds to move from page to page blows.  Pingdom might have been slow in past, but at least I could open multiple windows to edit in bulk…now forced to go through each one and it sucks.

    B) New design is buggy
    I’ve been getting the blue line in bottom saying pingdom received an error – over and over again

    C) Poor communication on changes 
    I thought via the 1 day notification that it was just my beep manager experiements that would be chagned…but all of them have been.
    Note – I did find that blowing away notification policies and recreating worked better
    D) I agree with previous poster – subject needs to be better
    I didn’t comment in beta, my bad.  But subject is so very important for threads.  
    The old format worked well.  It allowed you to easily parse the mail box and see what was goign wrong. 

    DOWN alert: <name> (<host>) is DOWN

    Something like

    Pingdom Alert: incident for <name> has been assigned.

    or if multiple
    Pingdom Alert: incident for <name> + N others has been assigned.

  7. What a nightmare. Everyone is now receiving SMS alerts by default. And iPhone is listed like 7 times for each user, but none of it is working.

  8. To be fair, technical support got back to me last night on both the bug submission and a vent – both polite and helpful responses.  Blue bar raised bugs I was getting, seem fixed.  Performance today seems slightly better.

  9. cmetge  We also use contact update API , and we are now getting : 

    Error: Method is deprecated, see notification_contacts. 

    The script was working flawlessly for several months and I think the introduction of the ill-fated premature Beep Manager just wreck it. 

    No warning whatsoever and API documentation still hasn’t been updated !!

  10. cmetge  did you get any response from Pingdom regarding your ticket ? I’ve submitted my ticket more than 72 hours ago but haven’t heard anything back. Pingdom please reply ticket JID-389-52040

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