Inventive Christmas decorations for computer geeks

Christmas is upon us, and like the geeks we are here at Pingdom, we couldn’t help but check out how our fellow geeks worldwide are handling their Christmas decorations. We found some very cool examples where people have put together über-geeky Christmas trees, wreaths and other decorations. And then of course there’s that Christmas tree network monitoring system…

Now embrace both your inner geek and your Christmas spirit, and keep scrolling down. 🙂

Christmas tree made entirely from old computer parts

Photo by Sunny Brook.

Got RAM?

Found at Mediatinker.

Best. Tree. Ever.

Photo by dragon caiman (Carlos).

The iTree

Photo by Metromorphosis.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete, and other things for your Xmas tree

Photo by Lei Shi.

Proof that Tux IS a star

Photo by Maya.

These lights are connected to a network monitoring system.

White lights = all ok. Red lights = network trouble.

Photo by Jonathan Gaynor.

Computer geek Xmas wreath

Photo by Yoshi.

Computer geek Xmas wreath no 2

Photo by mcr25823 (Michael).

Computer geek Xmas wreath no 3

Photo by Bruce Hartman.

Computer geek Xmas wreath no 4

From TeamDroid.

Going old-school: Punch-card wreath

Photo by Jerry Gilbert.

And let’s not forget DESSERT!

Gingerbread laptop

Found at Mediatinker.

Gingerbread motherboard

Found at Mediatinker.

What are you waiting for? There’s still time to add some computer hardware to your Christmas tree! 😉


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