iPhone disaster strikes! Noooooooooo!

(We would like issue a warning to sensitive viewers. This can be hard to watch. 😉 )

The iPhone finally launched here in Sweden this July and some of us at Pingdom have already bought one. We love our iPhones.

So we can only image what it must feel like to have your shiny new iPhone end up like these poor, unfortunate specimens below. It’s a sad, sad day when disaster (or concrete) strikes your iPhone…

We have sorted the pictures based on damage… worst at the bottom.

6. This is bad

broken iphone
Photo courtesy of Nick Schultz.

5. Getting worse

broken iphone
Photo courtesy of Jeffery Simpson.

4. Starting to get painful

broken iphone
Photo courtesy of Marty Fry.

3. Ouch, ouch, ouch

broken iphone
Photo courtesy of Nick Mooney.

2. Has this one been in a fight?

broken iphone
Photo courtesy of Rob Sheridan.

So, how do you avoid getting those glass splinters in your fingers? See below… Appropriately named “the most ghetto iPhone ever”.  Very elegant indeed. 🙂

broken iphone
Photo courtesy of Rob Sheridan.

1. Total carnage

And finally here below has got to be the worst case we’ve seen. Whatever happened to this one, it had to be something drastic. And, sadly enough, maybe it was done on purpose? Kids, don’t try this at home.

broken iphone
Photo courtesy of Andrew Mager.

We have to admit that every one of these pics made us cringe, though none worse than that last one. Poor little iPhones.

Fortunately no accidents have befallen any of ours. (Knock on wood…)


  1. This brought joy and warmth to my heart…Truly, this is what the iPhone was designed for. To be smashed, battered for its utter fadiness, ground beneath the heels of those not subject to the desire to be fashionable. 😀

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