IT bigshots as you’re not used to seeing them

Some faces in IT we see over and over again. The media write about them practically every week. We figured we would show you some pictures you DON’T normally see.

Linus Torvalds, Linux

  1. As you’re used to seeing him.
  2. Young Linus having a good time. (We skipped the one were his shirt’s gone off. No offense, Linus.)
Linus Torvalds

Bill Gates, Microsoft

  1. As you’re used to seeing him.
  2. Way, WAY younger.
Bill Gates

Steve Jobs, Apple

  1. As you’re used to seeing him.
  2. Jobs in his hippie days (he could also be called “the man of many faces” as proven by the pictures below).
Steve Jobs

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

  1. As you’re used to seeing him.
  2. Happier than ever (and who can blame him, hanging out with Anna Kournikova?)
Jeff Bezos

Sergey Brin, Google

  1. As you’re used to seeing him (right)
  2. The drag version.
Sergey Brin

Jakob Nielsen,

  1. As you’re used to seeing him.
  2. Jakob Nielsen 1989. We love those glasses, Jakob.
Jakob Nielsen

Kevin Rose, Digg

  1. As you’re used to seeing him.
  2. In the arms of Michael Arrington (of TechCrunch fame). True love?
Kevin Rose

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft

  1. As you’re used to seeing him.
  2. And… uh… he actually looked identical 20+ years ago. Here he is promoting Windows 1.0.
Steve Ballmer

We couldn’t help but include the actual video with Ballmer promoting Windows 1.0. Look at that enthusiasm!

Windows Vista deserves a similar presentation, don’t you think, Ballmer?

We love that these guys are so geeky. Just like us here at Pingdom, though on a whole other level of fame and fortune, of course. 🙂


  1. Bill Gates isn’t an IT bigshot. IT bigshots actually DO something IT instead of SELLING IT. Bill Gates hasn’t written a single line of code since the late 70s.

    And Steve Jobs is an idiot in IT. He doesn’t even have any IT experience. He took the business side of Apple, then almost deliberately ran Steve Wozniak (The only truly qualified tekkie Apple ever had.) Steve Jobs is an ass, not an IT giant.

    Same goes for Steve Ballmer. He was brought in by Gates to be a brute and a thug, not to be an IT guy. He still knows next to nothing about how software actually works. CEOs don’t need to know how their product works. Microsoft just got lucky that Bill Gates the FIRST CEO actually did know something, even if he later ended up basically just being a thief and a crook in the end and probably never wrote a line of innovative code in his life. Steve Ballmer, on the other side of the same coin, is there to be a loudmouthed gorilla and hired gun for Bill Gates back in the day.

    Where are the REAL IT legends like Thompson, Rotchie, or Stroustrop. Least you got something right with Linus Torvalds, an actual engineer as opposed to a glorified salesman and idea thief.

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