Joost website has a surge of downtime in February

The Joost logoSince February 8, the Joost website has had outages almost on a daily basis. Some short, some up to an hour long. With a full week left of February, the website has already been unavailable for a total of five hours and ten minutes this month.

This can be contrasted with January, when they had a total of one hour and forty minutes of downtime, most of which was on one occasion (January 5, for those interested). We have looked back six months into the past, and a streak of outages like this is unprecedented.

Here is what the downtime for the Joost website looks like so far in February: downtime in February 2008
Date Downtime
February 8 30m
February 9 5m
February 11 35m
February 12 45m
February 13 60m
February 16 10m
February 17 30m
February 18 60m
February 20 30m
February 21 5m
Total so far in February: 5h 10m

Note that this table only includes data until February 21.

For those who don’t know, Joost is an ad-sponsored, partially P2P-based internet TV broadcast service started by the founders of Kazaa and Skype. Although still in beta they have gained a large following and the service has been covered extensively in the media and blogs.

Pingdom has monitored the website ( so we can’t comment on any service interruptions of their TV broadcasts (which are viewed through the Joost software), but the website outages can’t be good for them. They want to grow their user base, and this is done through the website.

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  1. While the outages themselves are not good, it might mean that they are seeing a surge in traffic now that they are out of beta. Both Quantcast and Compete numbers are available only till Jan 31st so I can’t be sure.

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