Laptops in extreme and unusual locations

The truly great thing about laptops and netbooks is that you’re not bound to your desk. You can bring them with you anywhere. Some people are taking that to the extreme, bringing their laptops with them to places where most of us wouldn’t.

So, just for a minute imagine you’re not stuck at your desk and join these people who are taking portable computing to new heights. 🙂

Photo by Ken Colwell.

Photo by nantonos on Flickr.

Photo by Theo Lagendijk.

Photo by Ehsan Amini.

Photo by Per Ola Wiberg.

Photo by Brandon Davis.

Photo by Tim O’Bryan.

Photo by Michael Alan Goldberg.

Photo by Joël Frijhoff.

Photo by Martin Reisch (*safe solvent copyright 2009).

Photo by chelove on Flickr.

Photo by Norman Peters, copyright 2009.

Photo by Børge Ousland.

Photo by William Parker III.

Photo by Giorgio Montersino.

Photo by badibouzouk on Flickr.

Photo by exact2a on Flickr.

Photo by bearsgonebad on Flickr.

Photo by Brett Taylor.

Photo by Christian Nally.

Photo by Frances Berriman.

Photo by George Conard.

Photo by Ben Grantham.

We hope you enjoyed this little collection.

And this of course leads to the question, where’s the most unusual place you’ve used a laptop? 🙂

And a big thank you to all the photographers who let us share their pictures with you!


  1. Its really exciting and wonderful collection. Specially i loved the one in the RESTROOM. I had never even imagined that anyone would use laptop in restroom.

    Even i have used laptop in lonely area like garden but not in jungle or tree. The one on the branch of tree is also point of attraction.
    Medost Nepal

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