Laptops with lots and lots of geeky stickers

That empty surface on a laptop computer is just begging to be decorated, and when you’re a geek, you decorate in geek style. Here are 14 great examples!

Geeky chaos disc

Photo by Phil Hawksworth.

Killer coding ninja monkeys DO exist

Photo by Adam Rifkin.

Fedora and Red Hat fan

Photo by Behdad Esfahbod.

Love of Creative Commons, and Star Wars

Photo by James Allenspach.

Stop laughing, computers are cool now

Photo by Velda.

Ars Technica reader?

Photo by esposj (Joe).

Another Linux fan

Photo by Bruno Santos.

Digg the geek skull, but don’t jinx it

Photo by Jason Wun.

Use Firefox, but don’t you dare to disco

Photo by William Lay.

Could this possibly belong to a blogger?

Photo by Raviraja.

Flickr and Technorati fan

Photo by pixelm (Dan).

Squids meet web hosting

Photo by CarrieLu.

My other computer is a data center

Photo by Geoff Stearns.

And when things go completely overboard…

Photo by Neil Crosby.

What about your own laptop? Do you have a tendency to go overboard? πŸ™‚ Feel free to link to pictures in the comments!


  1. @Lame: Linux can run to some degree on almost any computer hardware. Just because a laptop comes with one operating system, in this case Mac OS X, does not mean that another OS, in this case Linux, can be installed on it. I run Linux or FreeBSD on all of my machines and most of them came pre-installed with Windows. Does the fact that my machine came with Windows disqualify me from sticking Linux stickers on it (I have two)?

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