Linux still topping downtime league in 2007

These are the downtimes so far in 2007 for the websites of some of the more famous OS developers, namely Microsoft, Apple, Sun, FreeBSD, Red Hat and Ubuntu.

OS logos

(URLs link to the downtime report pages for the websites.)

Website Downtime		3h 32 min		2h 40 min		1h 56 min		1h 28 min		   38 min	   10 min

If you compare this with the same list from January, you’ll see that the Redhat and Ubuntu websites were “on top” back then as well. Though considering we’re talking about downtime here, perhaps “at the bottom” would be a better choice of words.

Ubuntu would have actually placed better if it wasn’t for the 1+ hour of downtime they had this morning.

To be fair, these websites all have a very respectable uptime, and much, if not all, of the downtime may well be due to planned maintenance.

(We did this check earlier this year in January, and figured it was time for an update.)

Data source: GIGRIB.

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