Meet the revolutionary electronic watchdog with seven senses

A revolutionary new multisensor device will make it possible to monitor smell, motion, temperature, humidity, light and sound, all at once. Be prepared to take home monitoring to a whole new level with this electronic watchdog.

Pingdom multisensor protype front
Image: Front of the Pingdom multisensor device.

Are you worried about what is going on at home or at the office while you are away? Would you like to be alerted of any strange activity directly to your cell phone? Now you can, with a revolutionary new device that can not only smell for strange scents and sense motion, but also feel temperature changes, see if the light is turned on, listen for voices and other sounds, and even feel what the weather is like.

The stylish little device that makes all this possible has seven different sensors: Smell, motion, temperature, humidity, light, sound, and a barometer thrown in for good measure. The highly advanced electronic nose used for smelling the air has been developed by the acclaimed professor Mladen Stojanovic of Serbia Institute of Technology, SIT.

The electronic nose is so sensitive that it can identify a person’s individual scent, or specific perfumes. The device can be programmed to alert when it smells a person who is not on its list of known scents, which combined with its motion and sound sensors would add yet another layer of security to any intrusion detection system

Manage it online!

The device is so easy to set up that anyone can do it in five minutes. It automatically connects to the internet via an Ethernet or wireless connection, and can then be configured in the Pingdom web-based control panel. This also means that you can access the device and its settings while you are away from home.

Pingdom control panel with multisensor support
Image: The multisensor device being set up in the Pingdom control panel.

Users can combine a large number of preset settings and combinations of the different sensors. Alerts for a wide range of conditions can be sent out as emails and SMS from Pingdom, but the machine is also capable of giving off a customizable 110 decibel alarm signal.

Several working prototypes of the device have been user tested with great success, and preparations for mass production are well under way.

The product launch is planned for April 1, 2008.

Pingdom multisensor prototype back
Image: Back side of the Pingdom multisensor.

UPDATE: There is an important update regarding this news post.

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