Mr Uptime now available for Firefox 3

As Lifehacker noted yesterday, Mr Uptime is now (finally) available for Firefox 3. Mr Uptime for Firefox 2 proved to be highly popular, and we have received a lot of requests for an updated version for Firefox 3, so here it is!

For those of you not familiar with Mr Uptime, it’s a Firefox extension (from us here at Pingdom) that will make sure you don’t miss cool content online just because a website is temporarily down.

If you use Digg or Slashdot, you will frequently come upon websites that are temporarily down due to the massive amounts of traffic that these sites can generate (the so-called Slashdot or Digg effect). When a site is down, it’s easy to forget to revisit it later, and you will have missed something fun/interesting/cool. This is where Mr Uptime comes in.

With Mr Uptime you just press a button and it will keep an eye on that unavailable site for you and let you know when it’s back online. Essentially, Mr Uptime is a Firefox extension that will tell you when a broken website is working again.

In short, if you use social news websites, Mr Uptime can be an invaluable help.

You can learn more about its features at the Mr Uptime website.

Here are some quotes from the reviews section on the Mr Uptime page at Mozilla:

By L2G:

There are only a handful of Firefox extensions I’ve used that haven’t been upgraded to be compatible with 3.x yet, and Mr Uptime is the one I miss the most.

By Saraean:

I agree with this fellow below. I would love it to be updated to work in FF3. Pwease! *cookies*

By Anthonylitz:

Great tool, and a must have. I have missed it much in FF3, Please Update!

And now, once it’s upgraded, the first comment was this: 🙂

By Yochanan:

Hooray! Finally an update for Firefox 3!

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