Myspace vs. Facebook – Trends and numbers

Myspace and Facebook are the two giants in the social network arena. We let them face off in three categories: the number of searches in Google, website traffic, and availability. All to see which one comes out on top.

Myspace vs Facebook

Website traffic

How much traffic do they have? The answer is “a lot”. According to (, Myspace is the 6th most popular website in the world. Facebook is “only” the 8th.

Facebook is gaining rapidly on Myspace, though, which can be clearly seen in the graph below.

Alexa traffic graph for Myspace vs Facebook

Winner: Myspace

Searches in Google

When you are curious about something, more often than not, you will search for it. That is why Google Trends ( can be extremely useful for examining, well, trends.

In this case we see that more people search for Myspace than Facebook, but once again, Facebook is catching up quickly.

Google search volume, Myspace vs Facebook

Winner: Myspace


Since we are an uptime monitoring company, after all, we couldn’t resist including how the two websites are performing availability-wise.

Minutes of downtime in 2007 for Myspace and Facebook
January 13 4
February 20 0
March 27 21
April 30 8
May 16 3
June 32 98
July 28 101
August 5 43
September 42 7
Total 213 285

Winner: Myspace

The trend for the future is clear

Myspace may have won this round, but if Google Trends and the traffic graph is any indication, Myspace will soon be unseated by Facebook as the number one social network in the world. Since uptime is harder to predict, we will leave that one alone.

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(A small comment regarding the downtime numbers: In some cases these websites put up maintenance pages which respond to monitoring as if they were normal pages. This is therefore not reflected in the numbers shown here, which only include when the websites didn’t respond or gave an error back.)

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