Testing new credit card input design (video)

credit card input designWe always strive to make our products as easy as possible for our customers to use. That even includes such seemingly mundane things like input of credit card details.

For a short while now we’ve been testing new input functionality and design for credit card payments. One of the new features is that when the customer types in the credit card number, it will automatically switch to the correct type of card.

Check out this video for a bit of the background and a quick demo of what the new design looks like.

We’re still A/B-testing this new design, and we want your feedback. You can leave a comment below, on Dribbble, or why not connect on Twitter. The design is still being refined, and will probably go through a few more iterations before replacing the old one.


  1. @pingdom look forward to the next post where you can share results of AB testing! Have you done any usability testing of it yet btw?

    1. @beantin Yes, we’ve done some usability testing. Once the results come in, we’ll definitely look at how we can share them. cc @andreaskrohn

    1. @AndriyTyurnikov It is used in production but it’s being tested so it won’t appear for everyone and in every transaction.

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