New! Pingdom adds Twitter alerts

Twitter is an extremely popular service with millions and millions of users, and now those users can get Pingdom alerts delivered right to their Twitter accounts.

Twitter is an excellent complement to Pingdom’s uptime monitoring service, and we’re very happy to open up our service to Twitter’s huge user base. Even better, since Pingdom now has free accounts it becomes a great companion to webmasters with a Twitter account. Getting alerted of website downtime has never been easier and never cost less (i.e. nothing).

You can of course still get Pingdom alerts via email and SMS, just like before.

Pingdom has actually had Twitter as a customer for a long time, and using their service to add even more value to ours was the next logical step for us.

Promoting openness about site problems on Twitter

Part of our goal with the Pingdom website availability monitoring service has from the very beginning been to promote transparency around the reliability of hosting and service providers on the Internet. We believe that people should be aware of service issues and that providers shouldn’t be able to hide them from their users.

People already search Twitter for information about various service outages, and for those who choose to send out their Pingdom alerts publicly on Twitter this will now add more information to that. We hope this will lead to more facts and less speculation.

Free Pingdom + Twitter = Free SMS alerts

Since Pingdom is already free to use (for monitoring one site), the combination with Twitter means that people can use Twitter alerts to get free SMS alerts as well via Twitter. This will work everywhere where Twitter offers free SMS, for example in the United States, Canada and for some mobile operators in the United Kingdom.

It doesn’t have to cost a penny to monitor the availability of a site, even with a professional service like Pingdom which lets you test sites every minute. Downtime is more common than most people think, and it is now very easy for webmasters to make sure that their web hosting company is delivering a quality service. In short: stop speculating and get the facts.

We hope you will find the Twitter alerts useful.

For more information about Pingdom, please visit or contact us.


  1. Feature request: If i want to receive alerts via twitter DM, i have to follow @pingdomalert. But this means i will have all your public alerts in my timeline, which i have no use for.
    I suggest you add a second twitter account e.g. @pingdomalertdm where you never post public alerts and which you only use for sending DMs.
    That way, i could receive DMs only by following @pingdomalertdm

    1. @Stefan Seiz: All “public” tweets from @pingdomalert are directed to a specific Twitter user (starting with @twittername). You won’t see those in your timeline even if you follow @pingdomalert. Only those directed at your user. (And ok, those users you follow, if they show up.)

  2. The ability to post from our twitter account would be great, so any of our followers would know something was down.
    I don’t use Pingdom at the minute, but this would probably make me switch 🙂

  3. @Simon Pearce: The ability to post via your own Twitter use is on its way (right now you can either get a DM or a status message to @youruser from @pingdomalert). Regarding customizing Twitter alert content, no immediate plans, but we’ll look into it.

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