New! Pingdom iPhone app 2.0 – Get push notifications when your site goes down

When Apple introduced push notifications to the iPhone this summer, we immediately thought of what a great match it would be for our monitoring service. After all, the main point of the Pingdom uptime monitoring service is getting alerts when your website or server goes down.

So, when we started work on version 2.0 of our iPhone app, this was one of our top priorities. Now the new version is here, with push notifications, graphs, and more.

Downtime alerts as iPhone push notifications

We’ve already made it possible for you to get down/up alerts from Pingdom via email, SMS and Twitter. Starting today, as version 2.0 of our free iPhone app goes live, you can also get alerts to your iPhone as push notifications.

Above: What the “site down” and “site back up” notificatons look like in the new app.

Graphs let you examine trends

The new Pingdom iPhone app has also added graphs that let you examine trends in the uptime, downtime and response time of your site. These graphs are similar to the ones you can access in Pingdom’s regular online control panel, but now you can play around with them right on your iPhone.

The graphs can be shown for any date range, so you can examine a specific day closely, or view trends over several months.

Other features

  • View the current status (up or down) of all your monitored sites and servers.
  • Customize the list of which monitored sites to show.
  • Get information about each check, such as its monitoring resolution, check type (HTTP, Ping, DNS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, TCP post, etc) and its target (URL or IP address).

It’s worth noting that the app works on both the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Free monitoring + iPhone app = happy webmaster

The Pingdom iPhone app is free and available to all our users, both free and paid accounts. Couple the iPhone app with a free Pingdom account and you have an extremely handy, zero-cost webmaster companion.

We hope you like the new version!

Get the Pingdom iPhone app (App Store link).


  1. This is great, was waiting for it since I saw the (wrong) screenshots for the old app.

    However, it seems to crash every time when I select Uptime or Downtime on a newly created check. After a few minutes everything is fine. Also (i think this is a Apple’s fault) you can’t see any text when you zoom into the input fields (looks like it shows the white text on a white background).

    But still really nice work!

    1. @kaipr: Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, strangely enough the screenshots ended up public before the app itself had been approved. Not sure what happened there. Regarding the crash bug, we know about it and will fix it asap (a bit embarrassing that it snuck through testing). As you mention, it only happens when you view a graph for a check that has just been created. Wait 15 minutes or so after creating the check and it will work just fine. We’ll very soon have a new version out that fixes this, of course.

  2. Nice applicatio!
    A little bug: if you change the dare range for a monitor and you are (for example) on Donwtime page, the graph is instantly updated; the downtime, and outages values are not updated. You need to tap back and then again the monitor to see the changes.

  3. I’m still trying to figure out why you have an iPhone application, a device used by little kids, instead of a BlackBerry application, a device used by a extremely large percentage of businesses.

    Not to mention BlackBerry has a higher market share than the iPhone does.

    Why not make an application for the largest customer base?

  4. @Pingdom: Why not for the Android now? It is one of the fastest selling phones since the Iphone. I would think you could capitalize and bring more customers in with an application for the Droid users. Have there been talks of making the droid application and what is the time frame for production and testing of the app?

  5. Any chance of being able to run this on an ipod? I tried to install but got a warning saying “This App is incompatible with this ipod touch. This app requires a microphone.” thanks!

  6. Those of you asking for a Pingdom app for other mobile platforms (Blackberry, Android, etc), we hear you. We’ll see what we’ll do about that. There is no decision as of now.

  7. @Pingdom I was just wondering what your reasoning behind making an iPhone application instead of a BlackBerry one. Ease of development perhaps? It just seems to me like the majority of people who have sites they want to monitor wouldn’t have an iPhone. I go to school for Computer Science and every single one of my peers uses a BlackBerry, Android, or (yuck)Windows Mobile device. If I had to guess, I’d say the majority of the Pingdom user base uses anything but an iPhone.

    But hey, that’s just my guess.

    1. @Ryan Kearney: The original reasoning behind making an iPhone app was because it was a favorite here at the Pingdom office. Many of us have one. Ease of development sure didn’t hurt either. You also need to remember that Blackberry, while big in USA, is not all that popular in many other places. We’re based in Sweden, for example, and here it’s basically non-existent.

      That said, of course we do have plans of supporting other mobile platforms aside from the iPhone, though we haven’t yet decided on the route we’ll take to do that.

  8. Is there a way to test the push notification? Pingdom lets us send test SMS messages via the web management interface it would be nice to do so for iPhone push too.

    Actually, it would be nice to test email and twitter alerts so that we can test automated responses to these alerts.

  9. First, thanks for the app. Great idea.

    Unfortunately, not so great in execution:
    * it won’t save my login credentials (this is very important)
    * it doesn’t support multiple accounts (also important)
    * login consistently fails to work properly
    * UI is *very sluggish*, especially the login button
    * there’s no real feedback that you are actually logging in

    All of these are fixable, I’m sure, so I’m looking forward to the *next* version.

  10. Awesome work guys! Recently signed up and loving Pingdom. This just made it even better.

    Small note about their choice to go with an iPhone app (which I am happy about)… in my circle of friends (all developers, web designers, IT folk) not a single one of us has a BlackBerry. It’s 100% iPhone, so it seems like an obvious choice to me 😉

  11. Thanks guys, this is great! I installed it and it works very well.

    Do you plan to support multiple accounts with the iPhone app? I have a Pingdom account for my contract work, and then another one with my employer. From what I can tell, there’s currently no way for me to have both of these accounts setup on my iPhone.

    @Ryan Kearney: nearly *everyone* I know who works on the web has an iPhone. I’m not sure where you got the idea that the iPhone is a “toy” and that Blackberrys are required for Serious Business.

  12. Are there any plans to make the WSDL standardized? As it is it cannot be consumed as either WSDL nor as an XML schema. I really don’t want to build XML serialization and deserialization by hand if possible. It would help with the Android version that I’d like to work on.

  13. Awesome app guys!

    I second the notion for multiple account support, getting alerts for all Pingdom accounts on my iPhone would be awesome 🙂

  14. @Ryan Kearney: BlackBerry and iPhone have pretty equal marketshare and keep trading places for 1st place. The latest IDC numbers give RIM 19% vs Apples 17.1 percent.

    The iPhone is gaining ground in the business arena rapidly and once the AT&T exclusivity is gone, expect even more sales in that market.

    I’m not an Apple fanboy but I hate to see someone majoring in Computer Science throw stuff out without doing their homework.

    Do yourself a favor and embrace all of the available tools instead of a specific platform or technology as you are certainly going to encounter a wide range of different devices in the real world.

    Don’t waste that expensive education by limiting your expertise to a single device as you never know what tomorrow will bring.

    The more tools in your toolbox, the better suited you’ll be to tackle anything put in front of you.

  15. I’m in the same boat as Kyle Fox, multiple accounts in the app would be VERY convenient. I’d be willing to part with a few dollars if you want to charge for a multi-account version of the app.

  16. That is great. But where is the app for Windows Mobile? Most people I know in the industry use Windows phones or Blackberry in their organizations. iPhone is not a true business phone. Pingdom has a great service and it would be great to have monitoring capabilities on our Windows phones…

  17. No matter what I try I just get the message “No iPhones are connected to this contact” in the web panel. I’ve gone into the iPhone app settings, hit Notifications and ticked the contact, but it still doesn’t change.

  18. I just upgraded my pingdom iPhone app to version 2.0 and I am very impressed! Love the push notification feature (although I hope never to use it) and of course the graphs. Congrats to the Pingdom team on developing such a cool App!

  19. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time and I was excited about the app. I attempted to install it on my iPod Touch (you said it would work on a Touch) and it said that it required a microphone for install. Can you fix this problem please… Also, please consider developing for Blackberry.

  20. I must say it’s a little bit strange that a pinging application needs to use the microphone… 😉

    1st gen iPod Touch, running 3.1.2

    The error comes from the AppStore, before you can install the application. I.e I guess you’re referencing the microphone API, and AppStore knows the Touch does not have that. Or they screwed up when adding it to the AppStore, I don’t actually know how that works…

    Anyway, hope you can get that sorted out, it would be useful…

  21. Please add multiple logins for the same account!
    We need push notifications for members, who don’t particularly need access to admin details, but do need to know when the site goes down.

  22. I just upgraded my pingdom iPhone app to version 2.0 and I am very impressed! Love the push notification feature (although I hope never to use it) and of course the graphs. Congrats to the Pingdom team on developing such a cool App!

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