New public report from Pingdom enters beta

PingdomStarting today all Pingdom users can try out our new and improved public report pages, seen here below. These reports, also known as status pages, let you make some or all of your Pingdom monitoring results public, promoting transparency toward your users.

Since the public reports are hosted by Pingdom, they will be available even when your own website is down. They are very handy as automatically updated public status pages for web services and hosting companies, to name one example.

Pingdom public report (status page)

You can look closer at any individual check to get plenty of more information and graphs.

Pingdom public report page for individual check

And there’s actually more than what we showed you here above.

As you can see, these new public reports are much more visual than the old ones. You may be happy to learn that none of the charts use any Flash. It’s all HTML, CSS and Javascript, so the public reports work everywhere, including on the iPad and iPhone.

Features at a glance

  • Uptime and response time charts.
  • Response time map.
  • Daily and monthly overviews.
  • Customizable history (how far back in time the reports go).
  • Customizable design (colors, logo).

How to try it out

To try out the new public reports, just go to the public reports section in the Pingdom control panel and the information you need is right there. They’re already active for all Pingdom users, both free and paid. Update: Changes to the Pingdom plans means public status page is not available on our free plan.

For those of you who are interested, even if you don’t have a Pingdom account, here’s a link to a sample report you can play around with:

The old public reports will still be working as usual during this transition period, but will be phased out when the beta is complete. We will let our users know in good time before this happens.

Let us know what you think!

We would love to get your feedback on the new public reports. Please email your thoughts to beta at pingdom dot com with the subject line “Public reports.”

There are many more Pingdom features in the pipeline for 2011 (and beyond). This is going to be a great year for us and for our users, and we thank you for being part of this journey.


  1. Note: Your overview table might be hard to read. All indicators have the same round design. While scanning the page it might be hard to see the difference between “v” and “!”, and even “x” is on the edge.

  2. Very nice reports. However, I’d like them to appear under my own domain e.g.

    I’d imagine that all the new inbound links to pingdom couldn’t but help either.

    1. Jon: Good suggestion and we’re actually considering this. The more people who want it, the higher the likelihood of us adding it. Please send your feedback to beta -at- if you haven’t already, and any other thoughts you may have.

  3. Love the design of the reports. (Although I agree with Stijn on the icon shape issue.)

    The reports, though, show something that still bugs me about Pingdom – I can’t define regular maintenance windows for applications. It would be great if we could schedule checks (or to keep data more accurate, alerts) to be paused at certain times. Now, the only way to do it is manually.

    Also, any chance we could change the criteria for green/yellow/red? All of our apps that have these maintenance windows show yellow every day because of a few minutes of “downtime”. Because for us it’s acceptable to have a slightly higher downtime level, it’s not something we really want to be warned about unless it exceeds our expected downtime of a few minutes per day.

    Hope that makes sense. Thanks for launching this.

    1. @Michael Downey: Great feedback, and much of what you’re talking about will come eventually. Please send any feedback to beta -at- It would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Oh.. How disappointing. This is really just for the *public* reports. My private ones still look like before.. Meh..
    Hopefully that’s something included in the pipeline you mention 😉

    1. @rafa: The control panel and your “private” reports are in for a big overhaul coming soon. If you liked the new public reports, you’ll love them.

      Btw, if you think they’re noisy, please send feedback to beta -at-, and specify what you mean. This is a public beta specifically for that reason, we want your opinions and what we can do to make them better! 🙂

  5. We are using public reports from Pingdom for years. I wonder why that idea did not came from them before, as using third party reports are more reliable and honest then host your own. Still if they want to hit a niche with this they must allow paid users to brand their reports, or dont allow public reports for free accounts. That is a pretty huge incentive to upgrade from paid to free. We always had a paid account but suddenly Pingdom started to offer free accounts as well. We and most hosting companies use Pingdom only for public reports as using it monitor thousands of sensors would be to expensive. We have our own monitoring server so why would be bother to use a paid account if we get everything we want with the free one?
    The 1 free sensor is ok, its a freemium model butb they should limit it on features so people actually upgrade to a paid account.

  6. My report link ( just goes to a 404 page.

    Also, great to hear that the enhancements mentioned in these comments might be coming soon. I really like the one regarding scheduled maintenance windows.

    One more feature I’d really like to see is the ability to limit checks to specific monitoring locations (or be able to include/exclude regions). All of our servers (and customers) are in the US. Having our services monitored from locations around the globe severely inflates our average response time, and this wouldn’t look good in our public reports.

    1. @Brendan: Thank you for the feedback. Regarding getting a 404 page, please make sure that you have not unchecked “Show Overview” in your public report Settings. That removes that specific overview page of all selected checks, which is why you’re getting a 404 error. We’ll look into changing the wording of that to make it more clear what it means.

  7. Hope you consider Jon’s suggestion.

    Will be nice also to integrate this reports in WHMCS software, in order to be seen only for customers.

    Thank you Pingdom for your tools.

  8. Wow this is fantastic! It looks great. I especially love looking at the downtime charts where I can see the exact unavailability times graphically. Nice!

  9. First I would like to congratulate You for job well done, new public report looks so fresh. I was worried regarding performance because first day it was slower than already slow public report, but few days later I see You have moved to new server and everything loads instantly. It’s only shame I don’t have more servers so I can get premium account to support your service i tried many uptime services and this is by far best one.

    Now one little request: Please release apps for Android, there are many people that do not use Iphone. 🙂

  10. I know these are comments for the beta of the new Public Reports (which is very nice by the way), but I can’t agree enough with Hasitha and Bono. An Android app would not only be greatly appreciated, but essential.

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