News on the net – Oily servers and iPhones

Here are some recent interesting tidbits from around the web. They cover everything from servers submerged in oil (hopefully not for frying purposes), to MySpace drama and web 2.0 speculation. And of course Google had to show up. Don’t they always?

Data Center Knowledge: Bathtub computing enters server halls
Servers in oil sounds like something from an overclocker’s wet dream, but it can soon be reality.

Ars Technica: MySpace blocking more external content
This time it’s not YouTube, but Photobucket that gets kicked out by the huge beast that is MySpace. Food for thought for any web application developer relying on MySpace for exposure. iPhone delays next Mac OS X
Getting the iPhone out on time is a higher priority, so Leopard will have to wait. Expect anguished mumblings from the Mac community.

Hitwise: Google has 64% of the search market in the US
Everyone knows that Google leads search, but apparently they are increasing their dominance. Yahoo and Microsoft are distant seconds.

GigaOM: Web 2.0 and the death of the network engineer
An interesting reflection on the mentality of many (?) web 2.0 startups.

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