Not another Gmail outage post (just the best darn tweet about it)

Gmail outageMost of you probably noticed that Gmail experienced some downtime yesterday. If you missed it, you had probably retired to your Batcave.

Google was presenting up to 10% of Gmail users with a 500 error, leaving scores of people hanging, in some cases unable to work on necessary tasks.

There were some really funny tweets about the outage. And of course we at Pingdom love humor and this has to be one of the most hilarious ones.

Make sure you check out the video too – that guy is amazing. Even though we have been known to frequent the gym, there’s no way that we could do the same with our Sheldon-ish arms 🙂

Kenny Katzgrau, a software engineer at a “secret stealth startup”, tweeted yesterday:

We think this gives a visualization of the Gmail outage that few other things could have delivered 🙂

The good news is that Gmail is now restored. According to the Google Apps Dashboard, the problem affected “less than 10% of the (sic!) Google Mail.”

This is perhaps not the best thing that could have happened given that Google is expected to launch its Google Drive next week.

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