Now you get extra checks for just 50 cents

We have slashed our prices from a monthly $2 to a mere 50 cents for monitoring an extra server or website, making it possible for companies to monitor every aspect of their infrastructure without costs spiraling out of control.

New price

With today’s prices in the uptime monitoring industry, monitoring just a small number of servers can cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars every year. Not only does the number of monitored servers affect price, but so does monitoring resolution (how frequently a server is checked).

The solution? Make it possible to add a lot of checks for a low price, independent of monitoring resolution. Enter the 50-cent checks from Pingdom. It’s now possible for our customers to add additional, full-featured checks for a fixed price of 50 cents each per month.

This makes it extremely cost-effective for companies to set up external uptime monitoring of their entire infrastructure. Even though many companies already have some form of internal monitoring, external monitoring is necessary to have a complete monitoring solution. After all, their customers access them from the outside, from the Internet.

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