Old Apples never get rotten – instead they run the Web

Apple and the Macintosh computers have a loyal following dating back long before the first iPod ever hit the streets. There are millions of old Macs in circulation, and as would be expected in these days of the internet and tinkering enthusiasts, some of them have ended up as web servers. An old Mac obviously never gets useless.

Old Macs

Why do we care? Because we think it is really cool that these old workhorses are still being put to good use in spite of being, at least in “IT time”, antiques. Some of the ones we found acting as web servers are almost 20 years old.

(Credit must go to the excellent resource The Old Apple Web Server Directory where we found the included web servers.)

Old Macs as web servers? How well does that work?

We decided to check how well these old Macs are performing in their new-found role as web servers. You can view the results at a public uptime report page we have created specifically for this purpose. We have added a few already, and plan on adding more over time.

Please note that we have just started, so be sure to come back and check out the statistics over time. We will keep a close eye on the list and blog about the results and if we add more servers.

And yes, we are aware that this can hardly be called a scientific, deeply realistic test, and that there are plenty of other factors involved in regards to the reliability of these web servers, for example what kind of network they are on, what software they are running, and so on. But still, this is nostalgia at its best, meeting the modern web.

Here below is a list of the Mac-hosted websites we have added for uptime monitoring so far. In the spirit of this being mostly about the actual Mac models and not the websites themselves, we have limited it to one website per Mac model in the few cases we found more than one.

Websites hosted on good OLD Macs

Macintosh SE/30
Model: Macintosh SE/30

URL: http://se-30.dyndns.org/
Year: 1988
OS: Mac OS 7.5.5
Web server: Mac HTTP 2.6
More info: http://se-30.dyndns.org/info.html
View its uptime report page!
Macintosh IIci

Model: Macintosh IIci

URL: http://littledork.err0neous.org/
Year: 1989
Web server: Apache
More info: http://littledork.err0neous.org/
View its uptime report page!
Macintosh LC

Model: Macintosh LC

URL: http://quadzilla.servegame.org/
Year: 1991
OS: Mac OS v?
Web server: Mac HTTP 2.6
More info: http://quadzilla.servegame.org/about_this_server.html
View its uptime report page!
Macintosh Color Classic

Model: Macintosh Color Classic

URL: http://colorclassic.dyndns.org/
Year: 1993
OS: Mac OS 7.6.1
Web server: Mac HTTP 2.6
More info: http://colorclassic.dyndns.org/
View its uptime report page!
Macintosh LC III

Model: Macintosh LC III (Performa 450)

URL: http://450.servehttp.com/
Year: 1993
OS: Mac OS 7.5.5
Web server: Mac HTTP 2.6
More info: http://450.servehttp.com/about/
View its uptime report page!
Macintosh LC III+

Model: Macintosh LC III+

URL: http://babylonlc.no-ip.org:8080/english/index.html
Year: 1993
OS: Mac OS 7.5
Web server: Mac HTTP 2.6
More info: http://babylonlc.no-ip.org:8080/english/server.html
View its uptime report page!
Macintosh Quadra 650

Model: Macintosh Quadra 650

URL: http://mirandafam.ath.cx/
Year: 1993
OS: Mac OS 8.1
Web server: Mac HTTP 2.6
More info: http://mirandafam.ath.cx/
View its uptime report page!
PowerBook 540c

Model: PowerBook 540c

URL: http://www.haddockdot.co.uk/
Year: 1994
OS: Mac OS 8.1
Web server: Mac HTTP 2.6
More info: http://www.haddockdot.co.uk/
View its uptime report page!

Send us tips!

This list is just a starting point. If you have, or know of, more websites hosted on old Macs, please email to apple [at] Pingdom.com. Subject should start with “Mac”.

Looking at these old Mac web servers has been a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and we are looking forward to adding more of them based on your feedback.

Note: We are only testing these servers once every five minutes, and only load the HTML, so it is a very light check. Note also that the response time shown in the reports is the load time of the HTML.


  1. Ahem!
    You do realise that all this publicity is bringing down all these underpowered webservers?

    I have had to reboot 4 times in the last two hours. With all these digs i fear it will get worse.

    Nice to have the visitors tho!


  2. There used to be a server running on a Mac Plus that was up on the web, I don’t think it’s around anymore though. The Plus was made from 1986-1990.

    These are all great accomplishments…while more and more websites are requiring the latest plugins and browsers these do fine on early 1990s hardware!

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