Storm warning: Is your IT department ready?

Last weekend we had a storm warning go out over basically all of Sweden. It was going to be the worst storm in recent years, but in the end it faded out into quite an anti-climax. That, however, got us thinking of how a few simple measures can normally spare most companies from the consequences […]

A Royal report: Winter in the Pingdom

Winter has arrived. We got our first snow today. Image: Pingdom HQ November 1. Put this in contrast with what things looked like back in September. Have a look at our current weather situation and pity us. If we one day migrate to Silicon Valley, we hardly need to motivate why…

New Pingdom GIGRIB website goes live

Great news today! The new Pingdom GIGRIB website finally went live on Apart from the new, shiny design, courtesy of our eminent web designer, you will notice a few other changes from when the website was located at Brand new GIGRIB now offers you 10 free checks instead of 5. Creating a user […]

ICQ broken. Users can’t send links.

ICQ users are currently unable to send any links over ICQ. (This may not be uptime-related, but it was so interesting we wrote about it anyway.) This is a message from my colleague’s ICQ, and I never got the link: Seems it’s a huge problem that has been going on all day: Please ICQ […]

Free love

No, not that kind of love. This isn’t the 60’s. We are talking about the love shown for our free 30-day trial. When we launched it last week we knew it would be popular, but the response has been overwhelming. A big thank you for all the positive feedback we have received. We are feeling […]

The uptime tag is ours!

We just found a very cool site listing tags after popularity: TagsPage. It seems to be a tag version of The Million Dollar Homepage. Since we love these kinds of smart websites, of course we jumped at the opportunity to get a tag ourselves. $35 later, we are now the proud, exclusive owners of “uptime”. […]


The website of network equipment company D-Link ( has as of this writing been unavailable for almost 10 hours and counting… It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it? The GIGRIB report page for the D-Link website uptime can be found here, with the exact timestamps for the site’s availability:

Website monitoring now truly free

We are feeling generous today. And tomorrow. And for a long time to come. Now anyone can try out Pingdom’s popular website monitoring service for 30 days for free and with absolutely zero commitment. There is no need for a credit card or actively canceling your subscription at the end of the period. We aimed […]

Pimp My Fridge

After our Pingdom Cribs blog entry, we got complaints that our fridge contents didn’t have enough geek credentials. Since we have a reputation to think of, we decided to beef up the caffeine level considerably. Slightly more expensive to maintain, but it’s worth it! So, here it is, the souped-up Pingdom Fridge! We feel a […]

A new home for GIGRIB

GIGRIB is our free, distributed uptime monitoring network. One of the unique aspects of GIGRIB is that its monitoring network is made up entirely of its users. In return, these users get to add five sites each to be monitored by the network. Another unique aspect is that all the uptime data for all the […]