At Pingdom, even HR is geeky

If you’re currently looking to take on new challenges, one reason why you would want to join Pingdom is that here everyone, regardless of what they do are geeks at heart.

This means that even though most of us work mainly with the latest internet, networking, programming, and web technologies, we are all geeky. To put it another way, regardless of position within Pingdom, we all approach our jobs in a similar way.

Don’t believe us? We’ll try to convince you.

We’re passionate geeks – even in HR

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At Pingdom, one thing we all have in common is that we are passionate about what we do. We know that sounds corny, but we genuinely mean it. We make the web faster and more reliable.

Typically, when someone is a geek, some people see only technology in front of them. That’s a limited view, however – we see geeks in all venues of the company.

We believe that being a geek is a mindset, which can be applied to anything you do, whether it has to do with technology or something else. We’re not a passive audience. Instead, we’re driven to find out how things work in our particular areas, and to analyze details. The more we find out and understand, the more excited we get to go further.

Yesterday we announced that our Head of HR is going to a two-day conference, where he’ll rub elbows with around 100 other people with a passion for HR. He will take the same geeky approach to HR: figure out how things work, learn from it, and apply it to his work at Pingdom.

It’s inspiring to see that knowledge about how to build an exceptionally good company culture and spirit can be just as engaging and in-depth as finding exactly which unreleased version of gevent is needed to avoid grequests crashes, or configuring BGP on an OpenBSD router.

Join us!

Over the last couple of years, we’ve made many geeky additions to the Pingdom team, all who will be a part of our quest to make the web faster and more reliable. But there’s room for more, and we might be just what you’re looking for.

Right now we have a number of positions open and one is probably a fit for you:

  • Marketing manager

  • Financial manager

  • Technical support

  • And more…

You can find all the details at – it’s in Swedish.

But even if there if you don’t see a perfect fit in our job ads and if you feel you have some mad skills, get in touch anyway. Of course, it helps if you’re a geek 🙂

Picture by Xkcd.


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