Pingdom help-o-matic

We would like to point out some recently added features in the Pingdom control panel. They all fall under the category: HELP!

Instruction videos
Unsure of how to add a check to monitor a website? Don’t know how to add a contact person? Just watch our instruction videos, easily accessible on the start page when you log in to the Pingdom Panel (our control panel).

Help icons all over
Unsure of the correct (or recommended) way to fill in the forms for checks or contacts? Most fields have a nice help icon that will bring up a help text describing what the field is for and how to fill it in. We have also included useful tips and recommended settings.


So, instead of looking through a big, fat manual, just do it the easy way with Pingdom and get help wherever you need it for exactly what you need.

And, if all else fails, there is always our excellent support team. They are here to help, and will keep a close eye on the support AT pingdom DOT com inbox.

Voice talent?
All we need now is a movie trailer voice like that of Don “Thunder Throat” LaFontaine to complement our videos. Anyone care to take up the challenge? Email voice AT pingdom DOT com.

Maybe this guy is interested…

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