Pingdom helps IDG with web hosting survey

Internetworld magazineThe Swedish magazine Internetworld, part of the global IT news service IDG, publish a big web hosting survey once a year where the 15 largest web hosting companies in Sweden are evaluated based on uptime and quality of service. Two years running, we have helped IDG design and perform this test, handling all monitoring tasks for IDG with the Pingdom uptime monitoring service.

This is the only test of its kind in Sweden aimed at companies and web entrepreneurs and is a big, annual media event discussed both inside and outside the hosting industry.

This year was the most detailed and fair survey yet. We monitored all web servers and mail servers belonging to the web hosting companies in the survey for a period of three months. All in all, more than 1,200 tests were performed every minute during this period, only for this survey.

We even ended up involving the tested web hosting companies themselves by creating a special control panel for them where they could add or remove servers for monitoring from a list of servers assembled by us, thus giving them a chance to exclude any servers that were not in their production environment (we of course verified the information).

Partial screenshot of web hosting survey table
Above: A small snippet of the summary table in the web hosting survey article.

On top of the very thorough uptime monitoring performed by Pingdom, IDG also tested other aspects such as customer service, functionality and ease of use.

Internetworld and published the survey in March this year. You can read the whole thing in PDf format on their website. Note that all text is in Swedish.

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