Pingdom HQ is moving? Check this out.

A friend of ours was out driving the other day and came across this sign.

Pingbo, we now know, is a tiny village a good part north of our current HQ in Sweden. A very handsome name indeed, considering the similarities to Pingdom, but too bad the infrastructure and communications probably aren’t very good.

Pingbo road sign
Above: We are trying to resist the temptation of moving the entire Pingdom HQ to this location. 🙂

An ideal location for the Pingdom HQ, at least judging by the name, would be Ping in Washington, USA.

Then we could have catchy (and slightly lame) little rhymes like “Give us a ring, we’re Pingdom in Ping.” (Or perhaps that should be “Give us a ping?”)

Do you know of any other location names (cities, etc) that resemble Ping or Pingdom? Drop us a line at info [at]

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