Pingdom in Spanish, Japanese and… Hebrew?

Thanks to the “search by language” feature in the blog search engine Technorati, we were able to get an idea of how Pingdom has managed to breach the language barrier. The web, after all, is a global market, and we are proud to have users from all over the world. Last time we checked, we had customers in 126 countries.

Though we have mostly been talked about in English and Spanish, it’s definitely a pleasure to see Pingdom blogged about in so many other languages as well. See for yourself:

Blog posts about Pingdom, sorted by language
English		531
Spanish		110
Japanese	 58
Chinese		 52
German		 46
Italian		 40
French		 29
Portuguese	 26
Dutch		 21
Russian		 13
Turkish		 10
Korean		  9
Persian		  8
Swedish		  5
Greek		  3
Hebrew		  3
Polish		  2

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